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MexiPass is a Managing General Agent (MGA) and Underwriting Manager for Mexico insurance products specifically designed to meet the needs of American Residents and Businesses looking for great Mexican Insurance coverage. MexiPass provides exclusive Mexico insurance products from top international carriers that provide US standards of coverage for American and other foreign individuals and business who are looking for better coverage than what a standard Mexican insurance policy can provide. MexiPass has over three decades of experience guiding insurance agents and brokers on the key differences between the US and Mexico insurance markets and ensuring that their clients have Mexican insurance coverage they can trust.

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With MexiPass, you can offer your clients the best Mexico Car Insurance, Mexico Home Insurance, Mexico Watercraft Insurance and Mexico Commercial insurance programs with Quality Products , Solid International Carriers and Top Commissions. We open the door of opportunity for placing International exposures and expanding your book of business in the Mexico Insurance Market by offering Mexican Insurance... the American Way!®

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